Status of tickets is an important property by which we could filter and sort the tickets. By default, there are four different ticket statuses in Freshdesk: 

  • Open: Every new ticket that is created in your helpdesk is marked as Open. It means that an agent from your team is yet to resolve the complaint and move it on to other statuses.
  • Pending: If the progress of the ticket is awaiting the reply from a customer or any 3rd party, the ticket could be put On Hold using Pending status.
  • Resolved: When agents are reasonably sure that they have provided the customer with a solution to their problem, they can change the status of the ticket to Resolved.
  • Closed: Resolved tickets can be moved to Closed status if the customer acknowledges that the problem has indeed been resolved. If the customer has not replied, the standard practice is to automatically close the ticket (You can use the Supervisor to do this) after 48 or 72 hours.

Apart from these, you can also add custom statuses to this list of default options which could be useful for your workflow and mapping of tickets.