This error generally stems from improper SSL certificate configuration, leading to an unencrypted connection. To address this, ensure your SSL certificate is both up-to-date and correctly installed on your server. Additionally, verify that the URL begins with "https" instead of "http." If complications persist, consider engaging your IT team or hosting provider to rectify the SSL configuration.

This error may also arise due to an insecure custom/vanity URL. To rectify this, you can secure your custom URL by acquiring an SSL certificate from us. Connect with us at to obtain the SSL certificate, thereby resolving the 'connection insecure' error associated with your custom URL.

Here are additional troubleshooting steps to troubleshoot SSL issues:

  • Verify CNAME Record Values: Ensure that the CNAME record values for your custom domain are correctly configured in both your DNS provider and Freshdesk. Use tools like MX Toolbox to cross-check the records and confirm they match.

  • Check Existing CNAME Values in Freshdesk: Navigate to your Freshdesk settings and confirm the existing CNAME values to which your custom domain should be pointed. If you can't locate these values, it might be necessary to remove and re-add your custom domain to regenerate accurate CNAME records.

  • Regenerate CNAME Records: In cases where CNAME records appear incorrect or mismatched, removing the custom domain from the portal and adding it back can generate fresh CNAME records. This step is especially useful if you suspect discrepancies in the records.

  • Align Domain with New CNAME Value: Once new CNAME records are generated, ensure your custom domain is correctly pointed to the newly provided CNAME value within Freshdesk settings.

  • Apply for SSL Certificate: With accurate CNAME records in place, reapply for an SSL certificate from within Freshdesk. This step should proceed without errors, and you'll likely see an "Awaiting Activation" message.

  • Activation Waiting Period: After applying for the SSL certificate, be patient as it may take up to 24 hours for the SSL certificate to activate. During this time, ensure your domain settings remain unchanged for successful activation.

By incorporating these additional troubleshooting steps, users will have a comprehensive guide to resolving SSL issues related to custom domains in Freshdesk.