With the Multiple Products feature available in Freshdesk, you can create several products, depending on your plan type. If you have set up your Freshdesk account to support multiple products, you must include proper branding in all your outgoing messages.  

Here are the two stages in setting up product-based email notifications in Freshdesk.

  1. Disable default email notifications
  2. Use product-specific placeholders in automation rules

Disable default email notifications

Disabling the default email notifications is imperative as they are generic and not entirely product-specific. As an administrator of your Freshdesk account, you can disable them by following the steps below. 

  1. Navigate to Admin from the menu. Select Workflows and click on Email Notifications.

  2. Click on the active green toggle button next to the email notification to disable them.

    Disable default email notification.

Use product-specific placeholders in automation rules

Use the automation rules on ticket creation and ticket updates to send product-specific email notifications for new tickets and replies.

Make sure to perform the following three key changes while creating the automation rules to customize email updates.

  1. Choose Condition as 'Product is.' 

  2. Action as send 'Email to Requester'.

  3. Make use of product-specific placeholders under the Action section.

    Key changes for setting up product-specific automation rules.