With the help of an automation rule in Freshdesk, you can automatically assign all tickets raised to a specific support email address to a dedicated agent. Please follow the below steps to set up a ticket creation automation rule.

  1. Login to your Freshdesk account as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to Admin from the menu. Select Workflows and click on Automations.

  3. Choose the Tickets tab and under Ticket Creation, click on the New Rule button.

  4. Give your rule a name.

  5. Under the On tickets with these properties: section, choose In Tickets, then To Email, select Is, and provide the support email address.

  6. For the Perform these actions: section, select Assign to agent from the dropdown, and provide the Agent name to whom you wish to assign the tickets.

  7. Click on Preview and Saveand then Save and enable.

How to automatically route tickets from specific support email to specific agent

For further assistance and help, please reach out to support@freshdesk.com.