Every ticket that an agent handles/resolves can help him/her gain points. The number of points to be awarded to agents can be set by the Admin under Admin > Agent Productivity > Arcade.

There are four trophies in Freshdesk, that are offered to the agents with the highest number of points in the Leaderboard, each based on different criteria:

  • Most Valuable Player: Agent with the most overall points for the current month.
  • Customer 'Wow' Champion: Agent with the maximum Customer Satisfaction points for the current month.
  • Sharpshooter: Agent with the highest First Call Resolution (ticket was solved with only one interaction between agent and customer) for the current month.
  • Speed Racer: Agent with the maximum points for Fast Resolution (ticket was solved in under an hour) for the current month.

The Leaderboard is reset on the first of every month so everyone can start over with a clean slate.

You can have a look at this article for further information on the leaderboard.