In providing a stellar customer support experience, there may be instances where a ticket conversation needs input and collaboration from third-party vendors or users who do not have a profile within Freshdesk.  For example, if you wish to forward a ticket to your Inventory Partner or the Development Team, Freshdesk enables you to forward the ticket to any email address right from within the ticket view. 

Please follow the steps below to forward a support ticket to external users.

  1. Navigate to Tickets icon in your Freshdesk account.

  2. Select the ticket you wish to forward to external users.

  3. Click on the Forward button from the top menu bar.

  4. Enter the external user’s email address in the To field.

  5. If you are on the Growth plan or above, you can add the public ticket URL in the email message of that ticket. 

    Forwarding a support ticket to external users


Note: The option to Forward is not possible for Private notes added to the ticket.