Customers may reach out to your helpdesk outside your business hours for inquiries, complaints, sales queries, and the like. Setting up after-hour auto replies through Freshdesk ticket creation automations ensures that your customers receive instant acknowledgments and bolster brand trust. Once you define your business hours, you can send customized auto-responses reflecting your band voice by setting up the following automation rule.

  1. Login to your Freshdesk account as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to Admin from the menu. Under Workflows, click on Automations.

  3. Choose the Tickets tab and then Ticket Creation.

  4. Click on the New Rule button and provide a rule name.

  5. Under the On tickets with these properties: section, select In Tickets, if Created, During, Non-Business hours, then specify your business hours.

  6. Under the Perform these actions: section, select Send email to requester option from the dropdown.

  7. Customize your email with dynamic content using Insert Placeholder option.

  8. Click on Preview and Save and then Save and enable.

    How to configure auto-response for non-business hours tickets in Freshdesk?

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