When you set up multiple products in Freshdesk, you can customize your email notifications using automations to ensure that your outgoing messages reflect your brand voice. Here's how you can set it up.

  1. Login to your Freshdesk account as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to Admin from the menu. Select Workflows and click on Automations.

  3. Choose the Tickets tab and under Ticket Creation, click on the New Rule button.

  4. Give your rule a name.

  5. Under the On tickets with these properties: section, choose In Tickets, then If Product, select Is, and enter the product name.

  6. For the Perform these actions: section, select Send email to requester from the dropdown, and customize the email content as per your business requirement.

  7. Click on Preview and Save, and then Save and enable.

    How to set up custom email notification for products through automation?

To learn more about sending custom email notifications in Freshdesk, please have a look at the following videos on Youtube.

  1. Custom Email Notifications: Sending Emails Automatically to Requesters from a Specific Company

  2. Custom Email Notifications: How to Automatically Convey SLA Expectations to High-priority Customers

  3. Custom Email Notifications: Automatically Inform Customers to Email Another Support Email Address

Please reach out to support@freshdesk.com if you require further assistance in setting up the automation rule.