Automatically update all the new tickets in your helpdesk with a specific action through ticket creation automation. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Navigate to Admin from the menu. Under Workflows, select Automations.

  2. Choose the Tickets tab, and under Ticket Creation, click on the New Rule button.

  3. Give your rule a name.

  1. Under the On tickets with these properties: section, choose In Tickets, then Priority, select Is, and enter all the values - LowMediumHigh and Urgent.

  2. Under the Perform these actions: section, add or modify the required actions as per business requirements. For example, you can 

    1. send an email notification to an agent by selecting ‘Send email to agent’ option from the choose action dropdown, then the Agent name followed by the email Subject and Description

    2. Assign all incoming tickets to an agent by selecting ‘Assign to agent’ option from the choose action dropdown, and then the Agent name.

  3. Click on Preview and Saveand then Save and enable.

    How to set up automation to update all new tickets in Freshdesk

Note : Please ensure that you select the appropriate Rule execution type when ordering your rule. If you choose the 'Executing first matching rules' option and place this rule first, the remaining rules will not execute. Instead, you can select the 'Execute ALL matching rules' option to trigger all matching rules in order.

How to select rule execution type in Freshdesk automations.