There are two methods through which you can automatically add internal notes to your helpdesk tickets.

Creating a Scenario

Creating an Automation rule

Creating a Scenario

Scenarios in Freshdesk enable your agents to perform a number of tasks with a single click, right from within a ticket. For instance, if someone submits a ticket requesting an RCA(Root Cause Analysis) document, you can configure a Scenario to add an internal note, such as "Request for RCA. Please loop in the QA team." 

Here's how you can configure the Scenario.

  1. Navigate to Admin tab. Click on Agent Productivity and then select Scenario Automations.

  2. Click on the New Scenario button and give your Scenario a name and description.

  3. Under the Actions block, select action as Add Note.

  4. You can use the Insert Placeholder option to customize your note with dynamic content.

  5. For private notes, select the Add as Private Note, and don't notify the requester option.

  6. You can choose to share this Scenario with all the agents in your helpdesk or agents of a particular group to manage their ticket replies efficiently.

  7. Click SaveHow to create a Scenario to automatically add notes to tickets in Freshdesk?

Now that you have configured the Scenario, you can use this in your ticket replies by selecting the Execute Scenario option from your Ticket View page.

How to use a Scenario in ticket responses?

Creating an Automation rule

You can configure an automation rule under Ticket creation or Ticket updates with the help of webhooks to add notes for new tickets or update existing tickets when they meet specific criteria. Let's learn how to create a Ticket updates rule to add a note for the scenario mentioned in the above section.

  1. Login to your Freshdesk account as an administrator

  2. Navigate to Admin from the menu. Select Workflows and click on Automations

  3. Choose the Tickets tab and under Ticket Updates, click on the New Rule button

  4. Give your rule a name

  5. Under the When an action performed by… section, choose Requester.

    How to configure automation rule to add notes to tickets?

  1. Under the Involves any of these events: section, provide the conditions that trigger the webhook as per your business requirements

  2. For the On tickets with these properties: section, configure ticket properties for which you wish to add notes.

  3. Provide the following details under the Perform these actions: section.

    1. Select Trigger webhook option for Choose action dropdown.

    2. Select Request type as POST.

    3. Under URL, make use of the Freshdesk’s Update ticket API call.

    4. Enable Required authentication.

    5. Provide your API key.

    6. Select JSON Encoding and choose Advanced Content.

    7. Enter the following payload in the custom API reques like


    "body” : “test”,
        “private” : false



  1. Click on Preview and Saveand then Save.

How to configure automation rule to add notes to tickets?

Please reach out to if you require further assistance in setting up automation rules for adding notes to tickets as per your business requirements.