When the automation rule pushes an update to the corresponding group in Slack, the message will contain the following:

  1. User Defined Message: This will be available as the first data element. It will have actual values for the dynamic placeholders used in the rule.
  2. Standard Freshdesk ticket data snippet: The standard data snippet contains the following: 
    1. Ticket ID and Subject as the header with link to the ticket in Freshdesk
    2. Requester Name
    3. Priority
    4. Name of the assigned agent
    5. Description of the ticket abbreviated to 120 characters
    6. The Slack message will also be color-coded in the sidebar based on ticket status for easy recognition. The following priorities have the respective colours - Urgent, High, Medium, and Low

NOTE: In case you are using dynamic variables to configure custom messages for Slack, use the following variables for ticket description, last public note, and last private note so that only the text content of the description and notes is sent to Slack, otherwise the html tags will get pushed to slack as well.


  • Use {{ticket.description_text}} in place of  {{ticket.description}}
  • Use  {{ticket.latest_public_comment_text}} in place of {{ticket.latest_public_comment}}
  • Use {{ticket.latest_private_comment_text}} in place of {{ticket.latest_private_comment}}