Customer Satisfaction(CSAT) surveys are a commonly-used key performance indicator to track your support experience with the customers. In Freshdesk, responses for such CSAT will not reopen the tickets by default. If you wish to follow up with your customers whenever you receive feedback, you can set up an automation rule as follows.

  1. Navigate to Admin. Under Workflows, click on Automations

  2. Select Tickets. Under the Ticket Updates tab, click on the New Rule button. 

  3. Give your rule a name.

  4. Under the ‘When action is performed by’ section, select Requester.

  5. Under the ‘Involves any of these events’ section, select Customer Feedback is received then, Any. You can also choose to reopen tickets only for negative feedback by selecting Extremely dissatisfied option.

  6. Under the ‘Perform these actions’ section, choose condition as ‘Set status as’ and then Open.

  7. Now click on Preview and Save

  8. Click ‘Save and enable’ to have it work on your tickets.

    How to automatically reopen tickets for customer feedback?

Please reach out to if you require further assistance in setting up the automation rule.