If you are using Freshdesk on Mint, you can delete a contact in two ways:

  • Hard deleting a contact (only available on Mint)
    • The admin can navigate to a customer's profile and 'Delete' the contact - this first step is a soft delete. This step is mandatory to perform a hard delete.

    • The admin then navigates to the deleted contact's profile and can use the 'Delete forever' option to permanently delete the customer's data - tickets, forums, calls & profile information. Please note that you can only perform this action individually for each contact on the UI. A 'bulk-delete-forever' action is currently not possible.

    • Alternatively, this API can be also used to perform a hard delete.

    • It will take a few seconds for each contact to be completely purged. During this time, the contact will be inaccessible.

  • Soft deleting a contact
    • You can select one or more contacts from under the Customer's tab and make use of the Delete option on the top to remove them. When deleted, these contacts would be moved to the 'Deleted' contacts list and not purged from the system. All tickets coming in from this contact would go to Spam automatically. Refer to this article on how you can restore a contact in case of accidental deletion.