You can edit a contact and add the new email address as a secondary email address. You can then change the new email address to be the primary email address. Once this change is made, you can choose to delete the secondary (old)email address or retain it for record keeping purpose.

To change the email address of a contact in Freshdesk, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Freshdesk account as an administrator.
  • Navigate to the "Contacts" section from the left sidebar.
  • Search for the contact whose email address you want to change using the search bar or scroll through the list of contacts.
  • Click on the contact's name to open their profile.
  • In the contact profile, click on the "Edit" button (pencil icon) located near the top-right corner.
  • Once in the edit mode, update the contact's email address to the new one you want to use.
  • Make any other necessary changes to the contact's information, such as name, phone number, or organization details.
  • After making the changes, click on the "Save" button to save the updated contact information.

Scenarios where a contact's email address might need to be changed include:

  • Contact Requests Change: The contact themselves might request a change in their email address due to a personal preference, change of job, or other reasons.
  • Mistaken Email Entry: An incorrect email address could have been initially entered for the contact, and it needs to be rectified.
  • Email Address Update: The contact might update their email address, and you need to reflect this change in Freshdesk.
  • Domain Change: The contact's organization might undergo a domain change, requiring an update to their email address.
  • Duplicate Contact: Two contacts might be accidentally added with different email addresses, and you need to merge them under the correct email.
  • Data Migration: During data migration from another system, the email addresses might need adjustments to match the correct records.

Remember to update the email address accurately to ensure seamless communication with the contact in Freshdesk.