Customers reach out to businesses through various channels - email, chat, message, phone, and so on. However, emails are the most widely used and indispensable mode of communication and the core of customer service interaction. When you set up a support email address in Freshdesk, it converts all the support queries from your customers to tickets in your helpdesk.

Note : Freshdesk converts the emails landing only in the primary folder of your mailbox as tickets in your helpdesk.

As an Administrator of your Freshdesk account, you can set up a new support email by following the steps below. 


  1. Navigate to Admin from the menu. Under Channels, click on Email.

  2. On the Email settings page, click on New Support Email option from the top bar.

  3. Provide the Name of the email, your support email address that you can share with your customers, group name, and linked products, if any.

  4. You can use a custom email server or Freshdesk email server to manage your support email.

  5. Click on Save.


Once you add a support email address, it is imperative to verify and activate it. By verifying the email address, you help secure your account and keep it active to receive tickets in Freshdesk.


Please also watch the video on youtube to verify your support email address for a visual demonstration.