With Freshdesk, you can utilize powerful automations that run on time triggers, saving time and effort by automatically performing repetitive tasks. The time trigger automation scans all your tickets once every hour and checks if a ticket stays under a condition for a specific period. 

Let’s consider a scenario where you want to reopen closed tickets that are 'Waiting on customer' for 2 or more days without a customer response. Here’s how you can set up a Time Trigger automation for reopening such tickets.

  1. Navigate to Admin. Under Workflows, click on Automations

  2. Select Tickets. Under the Time Triggers tab, click on the New Rule button. 

  3. Give your rule a name say, ‘Automatically reopen tickets waiting on customer for 2 or more days.

  4. Under the ‘On tickets with these properties’ section, select the ‘Match ALL of the below’ radio button.

  5. In Tickets, choose condition as ‘Status’, and then ‘Is’  ‘Waiting on customer’.

  6. Click on Add a new Condition.

  7. In Tickets, choose condition as ‘Hours since agent responded’, and then ‘Greater than’, and enter 48.

  8. Under the ‘Perform these actions’ section, choose condition as ‘Set status as’ and then Open.

  9. Now click on Preview and Save and click ‘Save and enable’ to have it work on your tickets.

Here is a video demonstration on how to reopen closed tickets through time triggers explaining the above scenario.

Please reach out to support@freshdesk.com if you require further assistance in setting up the automation rule.