Freshdesk supports DKIM (Domain Key Identified Mail) to perform domain verification, enabling your organization to authenticate the communication between you and your customers. Domain verification is a mandatory check if you use the default Freshdesk server as the email communication method.

To ensure the proper delivery of email, you must enable DKIM for the email domain of your support email address by following the steps below. 

  1. Navigate to Admin from the menu. Select Channels and click on Email.

  2. Click on the Advanced settings option towards the top right menu.

  3. Select the Configure DKIM option.

  4. Click on the Configure button next to support domain name.

  5. Copy the system-generated settings (4 CNAME records) to publish in your DNS server/domain provider's account.

How to configure and enable DKIM settings in Freshdesk.

  1. Once verified, a green tick mark under the Status column against the DNS settings indicates successful verification. 

  2. The account admin will receive an email after backend verification is complete for every domain.

  3. You can remove your DKIM settings by clicking on the Remove button against each domain, which will remove the CNAME records for that domain.

Suppose you are using the Freshdesk email server to set up your support email for your domain. In that case, you may encounter the banner stating, ‘Configure your DKIM settings to avoid failure of email delivery. Configure now’. Please follow the same steps as stated above for seamless email delivery.