Freshdesk performs the following two checks to decide if an email reply should be created as a new ticket or threaded to an existing ticket. 

Email Marker Check

Freshdesk uses three email markers to match an email reply with an existing ticket. 

  1. Ticket ID, 

  2. Message ID and 

  3. Freshdesk unique ticket identifier. 

If there is a match, the incoming email is threaded to the ongoing ticket conversation, thus preventing ticket duplicates.

Requester Check

Freshdesk now performs a check for the sender to thread the reply to the existing conversation. The sender email should be one of the following,

  1. Requester email address of the ticket

  2. Agent email address of the ticket

  3. Email address in the CC of the ticket

  4. Forwarding email address 

Only when an email reply satisfies one of the Email Marker Check and one of the Requester Check will Freshdesk append the email response to an existing ticket.

Additionally, ensure that you enable your email settings to append replies to existing tickets by following the steps below. 

  1. Navigate to Admin from the menu.

  2. Under Channels, go to Emails and click on Advanced settings.

  3. Disable the condition to create new tickets for replies.

  4. Set the Requester check item to your preference.

    Checking advanced email settings option in Freshdesk

Please watch our video for a detailed demonstration of how to avoid email replies creating duplicate tickets.