In Freshdesk, we provide few options to protect your helpdesk from any possible spam tickets coming from sources like Portal and Email.

For spam tickets created via Portal,  enable CAPTCHA on your customer support portal. Navigate to Admin > Channels > Portals > Edit > Manage sections and select the 'Enable CAPTCHA to help avoid spam' option.

For spam tickets coming via Email, we enable Proactive Spam Filter from the backend. This spam filter will check all the tickets coming through the Email channel and based on certain pre-defined conditions, a spam score will be associated with each incoming email ticket. If the spam score of the email is 6 and above, the tickets will be marked as a spam automatically. 

The purpose of this feature is to ensure that you have optimum spam deflection. However, please note that there are chances that some valid emails can be marked as spam, if in case these emails arrive via a Spam reporting IP or with a high spam score. You could keep track of those tickets in the Spam folder inside the Tickets tab in Freshdesk and restore them if you deem that they are valid.

If you would like this feature to be enabled for your account, please drop an email to We'd be glad to assist.