Use the Reply button to respond to your customer queries. You can use the various options in the Reply text editor:

  • Format your text using options such as bold, italics, lists, etc
  • Add tables, links, images, and codes
  • Insert solution articles
  • Insert canned response
  • Attach files

The options in the textbox depend on the source of the tickets. For example, certain channels, like Facebook, do not allow formatted replies.


The ticket subject line stays visible even when an agent scrolls through a long conversation, thereby retaining the context. 

A quick guide to replying to a ticket

  1. Click on Reply within the ticket.
  2. Type the message in the rich text editor and do the necessary formatting.
  3. Fill out the cc or bcc fields if necessary.
  4. Attach a file if required by clicking on the Attach file icon. A dialog box pops up which lets you browse through and choose the files; click Open after selecting the files you need. 
  5. Alternatively, you can also paste an image inline, in your response. By default, links to these images are public. This is to ensure that the images are accessible when sent via emails. If images are to be made accessible only for valid sessions and not publicly, please write to
  6. You can include previously quoted replies, that size up to 1 MB. This limit only includes the size of the quoted text and excludes all attachments.
  7. Once done, you can click Send to send out your reply.
  8. You can quickly change the status of the ticket just as you’re sending your reply. Click the arrow button next to the 'Send' button to view a drop-down menu with multiple send and set as <status>.
  9. Click Cancel to revert.

 Your replies are automatically saved (approximately 30 seconds after you type) as drafts even as you type them. 

Note: Saved drafts are automatically deleted 24 hours from when they are last saved. 

Undo Send

If you decide you don't want to send an email, you can cancel the action within 10 seconds right after you send a mail.


  1. This option is available only for Growth+ plans. 
  2. The Undo action does not update any properties.

To enable this option:

  1. Log in as an agent.
  2. Click on your profile picture at the top right corner and select Profile settings.
  3. Enable the Undo send option.

Once this is enabled, agents will start seeing the Undo option in the reply panel after they send out replies. 

Reply font options: 

You can set up a default font for the agent portal from Admin > Account > Helpdesk Settings

If you want your agents to change the font format, then you can enable the ‘Font preference for agents’ option under Admin > Account > Helpdesk Settings. 

The agents can choose to change the font family or font size from the reply editor under the ticket details page while replying to the tickets. 

When the agents click on the icon 'A', they will be able to view and choose the formatting options as shown below :

Add code snippets in your replies:

Wherever the text field editor is present —  The Code block option allows agents to add and highlight code snippets in their replies/ notes/ forwards. 

How to quickly navigate and reply to tickets in the list you are viewing

For example, if you replying to a ticket from the list view My Open and Pending Tickets, click on the quick view icon on the top right. You will be able to see the first 30 tickets of a particular view. 


  • Choose a ticket from the list to reply.
  • Every ticket in the list displays the Source, Ticket id, Requester name, and Priority.
  • If it’s an Open ticket - you will be able to see when the ticket was created and the First response due.
  • The current ticket you are replying/viewing would be highlighted.