Integrating Nimble CRM with your Freshdesk account will allow you to access additional contact information about a client from Nimble, through your helpdesk. 

To install the Nimble CRM app, follow these steps: 

  • Login to your support portal. 
  • Click on the Admin tab.
  • Go to Helpdesk Productivity > Apps.
  • Click on "Get More Apps" and select Nimble
  • Click on Install.
  • Enter your Nimble CRM credentials in the authentication page and click on Sign in.

  • You will be asked to authorize Freshdesk to access your Nimble account. Click on Authorize. 

And you're good to go!
This is what the integration will look like:

Now your contact information on Nimble can be accessed right from within Freshdesk. You can fetch the information by clicking on the Nimble Icon under Requestor Info.