We have been reported of multiple cases where the Russian Spammers usually create spam tickets by sending an email to the generic forwarding address. And this issue is not just specific to Freshdesk and it has been prevalent across all the helpdesk softwares like Zendesk, HelpScout as well.  

The Russian Spammers are somehow able to easily identify the generic forwarding address [like support@domain.freshdesk.com or info@domain.freshdesk.com or help@domain.freshdesk.com] and they create these spam tickets. So, using a generic forwarding address makes an account vulnerable to spam influx.  

To mitigate such spams, we have brought in a new feature called 'Prevent Wildcard Ticket Create' where only emails directly sent to the email address configured under the Email config page in Freshdesk will be converted into tickets. Please go to Admin > Channels > Email > Advanced Settings and disable 'Allow emails to be sent to the wildcard support address'
Also, we would recommend using domain-specific email addresses like support@domain.com or help@domain.com [emails having your company's domain name] to avoid such issues. Using a domain-specific email address is going to be more advantageous for your business for the following reasons

1. It will help you brand the emails and replies sent by your organization from Freshdesk. 

2. It will allow you to have greater flexibility and control as to which emails need to be converted as tickets and so. 

3. It will be of help if you would like to use your own mail server to relay emails from and to Freshdesk through our Custom mail server feature. 

4. Your stakeholders will be able to receive emails authenticated by your own domain using the DKIM feature which ensures proper end-to-end email delivery.

 If you have any further queries, please drop us an email at support@freshdesk.com. Always happy to assist!