With Freshdesk, you can create articles for all your customers, or restrict articles for select companies or internal agents. You might want to do this for certain reasons:

  • Prevent solution articles with sensitive information from being displayed publicly.
  • Show solution articles with information about a company to just contacts from that company.
  • Allow only your premium customers to read solution articles.
  • Share content internally with your team

You need to edit the properties of any folder in your knowledge base (and the settings will apply to the solution articles in them). Go to Solutions > select the required category and check the box next to the folders you are looking to change the visibility for, click on the 'Visible to' dropdown, and choose to have the folders visible to:

  • All users
  • Logged in users
  • Agents
  • Select companies
  • Bot
  • Contact Segments
  • Company Segments

The categories that you want to show on the widget could be restricted to certain companies or logged-in users. For articles that have been restricted to all logged-in users or users of certain companies to show up in the help widget, your customers need to be authenticated into it. Read detailed documentation or a step-by-step guide to authenticate your customers into the help widget.