You can install or update the salesforce lightning version by following the steps mentioned in this link

The package (version 1.35) contains two versions of the program: one for Classic and the other for Lightning. They use a common connection with Freshdesk. To enable the Salesforce organization to integrate with Freshdesk, please follow the instructions below:

  • In the Salesforce organization, click on   from the top right corner

  • Once in, go to Security → Remote Site Settings, and click on New Remote Site

  • In the form that appears, fill in the Remote Site Name and Remote Site URL fields. The Remote Site URL should have the URL of your Freshdesk account.

  • Click on Save.

  • Under Platform Tools section on the left bar, go to Custom Code → Custom Settings 

  • Click on RemoteAuth label. Once in, click on Manage. Fill in the following fields:  fd_url and fd_api_key

  • In the field fd_url, you need to enter the URL address of your Freshdesk account. In the field fd_api_key, you need to enter the API Key. It can be found in the Profile Settings of your Freshdesk account. Click on Save

Activation of the Lightning version of the app

  • Go to Company Settings → My Domain. Check if your organization has a domain name registered in Salesforce. If registered, it will be displayed in the My Domain Settings tab. If not, register the domain name and click Deploy to Users

  • To display the Lightning component on the page of a Contact or other object, you need to add the necessary object to the page in the Lightning App Builder. To do this, go to the Quick find box under the Setup, and search for Object manager

  •     Click on Object Manager. Find and select Contacts.

  • Select Lightning Record Pages ->New -> Record Page-> Next. Then, you will have to give it a Label name and select an Object
  • You must also select the record template from the list of templates already available. 
  • You need to drag-drop the component from the list on the left to the desired location on the page. The components are usually located at the bottom of the list in the Custom tab. The name of the component is FreshdeskV2. 
  • Click on Save in the upper right corner to finish the setup.


Let’s say we need a contact record page that has the details of the contact, their activity, and the list of all the support tickets (fetched from Freshdesk). Here’s how we can do that:

  • Drag and drop the Highlights panel to the top.

  • Drag and drop the Freshdeskv2 component under Custom - Managed column, to the left side, below the highlights panel.

  • Drag and drop the tab component to provide an option to toggle between two components on the right side.

  • Finally, drag and drop the Activities component and Chatter component on the tab component.

  • Click Save to finish the setup.