This is an on-demand feature. Drop an email to us to and we will ensure the necessary features/settings (like idle session timeout in 15 mins, IP whitelisting, password policy that adheres to PCI DSS, etc.) are in place and then enable the PCI field for that account.

Post this, the Account Admins can see an option to create a PCI field (namely ‘secure field’)  in the Admin > Workflows > Ticket Fields page.

  1. The secure field section will be disabled by default.
  2. The secure field will be enabled only when IP whitelisting, an idle session, and a concurrent session are enabled and at-least one IP range should be present.
  3. If the secure fields are enabled and later if you try to disable any of the mandatory sections the secure fields toggle will automatically be turned off.
  4. Once the secure fields are enabled the IP whitelisting toggle and session preferences section will be disabled.
  5. You will see a banner stating that idle sessions will default to 15 mins if secure fields are enabled. If you do not set 15 mins in UI, it will be automatically be set from the backend. This will not default to 15 mins in UI on enabling.
  6. Session replay will be turned off when PCI is enabled.