When configuring an MS Office 365 email system for your current support email address, if you encounter the following error, 

Error while authenticating the SMTP server. 

Please verify server name, port, and credentials,” check if you have enabled IMAP and SMTP in your mailbox’s app settings.


To check and enable IMAP and SMTP for MS Office 365 mailbox, please follow the steps below,

  1. Log in to your Microsoft O365 Admin Center using O365 admin credentials.

  2. Navigate to Users, select Active Users and click on the email address with a custom mailbox configuration.

  3. In the pop-up window that appears, go to Mail and select Manage email apps.

This picture shows the location of Manage email apps setting in Microsoft O365 Admin Center

  1. Ensure “IMAP” and “Authenticated SMTP” are enabled in the Manage email apps window.

    This picture shows where to enable IMAP and SMTP in Microsoft O365 Admin Centre.