As a data controller, you need to assess the data you’re collecting in ticket fields or contact fields - you must ensure this is kept to a minimum just enough to provide the necessary service or support. 

As a data processor, Freshworks performs operations or a set of functions on this data only on your authorization and in compliance with applicable regulations. If you use ‘consent’ as the basis for processing personal data and you’d like to make it more explicit, you can add a checkbox-type mandatory field to your ‘New ticket’ form. 

For those on plans other than Estate and Forest, manually display the checkbox: I consent to ABC collecting my email id, phone number, location, and IP. 

If you are on Estate or Forest plans, you can use the Portal Customization feature to state - ‘I consent to such data being shared with third parties and link it to your Terms of Service’ 

Displaying consent for data share and privacy policy in Freshdesk widget.

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