GDPR mandates that personal data should not be retained for periods longer than necessary for the purposes it was collected. Additionally, we must comply if a customer decides to exercise their right to be forgotten/erased. Freshdesk provides the following options to delete customer data,

Delete forever option

As an administrator of your Freshdesk account, you can use the ‘Delete forever’ option under a contact’s profile to delete the contact once you receive a request for data erasure. This action will permanently delete customer information in the system and tickets/chats/calls they were part of. 

Delete tickets option

Based on your data retention policies, if you wish to automate the deletion of tickets in the system, please use our ‘Delete ticket’ API. This API moves tickets to Trash, and Freshdesk will permanently delete the tickets after 30 days. You can also periodically go to the ticket list view, filter by date, and perform a bulk-delete action.

For any further information or clarifications, please reach out to