Custom roles in Freshdesk allow you to create profiles for agents that define the level of access each of them will have in your account.

For example, you may have a team to handle the user community alone but not respond to any of the support tickets raised by your customers. In this case, you need not provide access to ticket details and assignments. Similarly, your finance team may not need access to view or edit your knowledge base articles. 

All of this and more can be achieved with custom roles. You can define the level of access permissions each agent can have across Freshdesk:

  • Tickets: Allow agents to create, view, forward or reply to a ticket, edit personal or others notes, and manage personal or other ticket list views.
  • Scenario automation: Allow agents to manage personal or shared scenario automation.
  • Solution: Allow agents to create a category or publish a solution.
  • Forum: Allow agents to view, create, and participate in forum discussions.
  • Customers: Allow agents to view or edit customers (or contacts).
  • Field service: Allow agents create, manage and delete service tasks, access scheduling dashboard and manage automation for service tasks.
  • Analytics: Allow agents to ccess analytics reports and manage team dashboards
  • Administration: Allow agents to perform operational admin actions
  • General: Provide access to agents to create new tags and schedule out of office for themselves
  • Freddy copilot: Allow agents to access the Freddy copilot add-on

Roles and privileges in Analytics:

You can now provide agents with View, Edit, or Manage (includes edit and exports) access 

  1. View - Agents can access curated reports and custom reports (based on your visibility). With view access, agents will not be able to add Filters but can view underlying data. They can also subscribe to reports
  2. Edit - In addition to view access, agents can create custom reports and add/edit filters in existing curated and custom reports (based on your visibility) and delete custom reports. Underlying data will also be visible
  3. Manage (includes edit and exports) - Along with edit access, agents can access Analytics settings and create/edit/delete and enable/disable schedules and exports
  4. By default, if an agent has View access in old Reports, they will have Edit access in Analytics. If they have Export reports access in old Reports, they will have Manage (includes edit and exports) in Analytics

Roles and privileges in Custom objects:

You can now provide agents with View, create, update, or delete permissions for custom object records.

Note: All agents can still view tickets (of course, you can control the scope of what tickets they can view), add notes, and create solutions as drafts (though only agents with Publish permissions get to push them out to the public).

From a management perspective, you could also use roles to specify three levels of Admin controls:

1) You can create users with no access to admin controls at all. 
2) You can create an Operational admin and allow them to manage agents and/or set up automations but not modify configurations. 
3) You can nominate agents as Super admins, who get complete configuration access to your Admin tab. 

You can specify whether a Super Admin may or may not access Account and Billing information. Learn more about Admin Roles, Assuming Identities, and Deleting Agents here.

How to create a custom role:

  • Login to Freshdesk as an Admin.
  • Go to Admin > Team > Roles > New Role, and enter a name and description for this role and set the agent type for whom you would like to apply this role.
  • Enter the privileges that an agent with this role should have by selecting the appropriate checkboxes under Tickets, Solutions, Forums, Customers, Reports, and Admin.
  • Save the settings you just created for this role.

You can now select and apply this role to an agent when you edit or create the agent's profile (learn how).

If you have a custom role configuration in mind but aren't sure how to implement it in Freshdesk, please do get in touch with us and we'll help you out.