The Freshdesk Gmail Gadget lets you quickly check into ticket and requestor information right from your email, and even send your replies from there. 

Of course, if you spend more time supporting customers directly through Freshdesk than on your email, you might want to remove the gadgets for all users at once.

Note: Also check out this article on how you can disable the gadget for select users only

Follow these steps to disable Gmail Gadgets for all users:
1. From Gmail, click on Settings Icon (on the top right of your inbox), and select Manage this domain. You will be redirected to your Google Apps Dashboard. 
2. In the section "Your Marketplace Apps", find the listing for Freshdesk. Click on the settings link. 
3. Click on "Delete Freshdesk" at the bottom of the page. 
All instances of Freshdesk Gadgets will be removed from the mailboxes of users in your domain.