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You can share any ticket's link with other Android apps on your phone pretty easily. When you use the Share option, Freshdesk sends the corresponding ticket's link to the app you choose. 


When you're on a ticket detail page, all you need to do is tap on three dots on top right and hit 'Share'. Tap on the app of your choice, and you'll see that it opens with the ticket link. By default, only agents on your portal can view the tickets by tapping on the link that is shared. If you have enabled the setting that allows anyone with the public ticket URL to view tickets in Admin > Portals > Edit > Manage Sections > Tickets on this portal can be viewed by > Anyone with a public ticket URL, the public URL for the ticket will be added instead when you share tickets.

This is especially useful if teams in your company use tools like Trello, Slack, Basecamp etc. to track their work and collaborate with other teams. If a customer reports a bug or asks for a feature, for instance, you can instantly share it with your QA or Product Management teams who may be tracking these on Trello already.

If your shipping team uses Basecamp to track tasks, you can send across tickets where customers are enquiring for updates on their packages in just a tap. There's so much more you can do with the Share option. If your team already uses Google Apps and Hangouts is your first choice for communication, you can send across a link to the ticket in just a tap.

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