The authorization can run into trouble under the following scenarios:

  • When you are trying to authorize from your custom/vanity URL. Please try the authorization after logging into your Account using Freshdesk URL, which would go by

  • If you have SSO enabled, please try logging in using your Freshdesk credentials after bypassing your SSO, using the URL -
  • Please ensure if you are not logged into another Facebook account on your browser at the same time. The Facebook account which you are logged into would have to be an Admin of the Facebook page.
  • There could also be several reasons why you are unable to associate your Facebook page with Freshdesk. Here are some possible reasons and solutions:
    1. You need to be an Admin of the Facebook page you are trying to integrate. Please ensure that you have the necessary permissions.
    2. You cannot add pages that are already integrated with another Freshdesk account. Please ensure that the page you are trying to integrate is not already associated with another Freshdesk account.

    3. Sometimes, when page settings change, you may have to reauthorize the Facebook page. Please try reauthorizing the Facebook page if you are facing issues.