A Webhook is a callback to an application or web service triggered when a specific event occurs. In case of a particular update, change, or action in your helpdesk, you can set up a Webhook to automatically push specific information to an application through Freshdesk automations - ticket creation and ticket update rules.

You can configure as many Webhooks for event triggers as you want but execute them only based on the API rate limit for your account. Any webhooks beyond that limit will be postponed to the next hour if you schedule more than the assigned call rate. 

If the system postpones a webhook from execution for more than 24 hours, Freshdesk drops the webhook and sends the following alert email to the helpdesk admin.

Also, ensure to set-up webhooks with the correct URL and follow the proper syntax for the webhook content to avoid webhook failures during execution.

Please reach out to support@freshdesk.com to learn more about setting up webhooks for your business use-case more efficiently and avoid failures by keeping them within the API rate limit.