Only another Account Administrator can grant the Account Administrator Role to an agent in Freshdesk. If you are already an Admin in your helpdesk, you can identify the Account Admin by navigating to Admin, Team, Agents, and the profile you cannot edit will be that of the Account Admin.

As an Account Admin, you can provide your account admin access to another agent by following the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Admin. Click on Team and then select Agents.

  2. Click on Edit next to the agent to whom you wish to transfer the account admin access.

  3. Go to the Roles section under the Edit Agent page.

  4. Select Account Administrator option from the dropdown.

  5. Click on Update agent to save the changes.

    How to provide your account admin access to another agent?

Now, this agent is also an Account Admin and has all the helpdesk accesses, including managing the accounts and billing. 

Here is a video demonstration to learn more on how to change organization admin in Freshdesk.

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