You can enable or disable email notifications for a wide range of workflows within Freshdesk with a simple click of a button. 

Here's how you do it.

  1. Navigate to Admin from the menu. Select Workflows and click on Email Notifications.

  2. You will notice that there are four types of notifications on this page.

    1. Agent Notifications alert the agent when a customer replies to a ticket, when a ticket is assigned to an agent, and so on

    2. Requester Notifications alert a customer when an agent solves a ticket, closes a ticket, sends a password reset email, and so on.

    3. CC Notifications alert the email addresses added in the CC field when a new ticket is created or when a public note is added.

    4. and Reply Templates customize and prefill default information in agent ticket replies, such as dynamic content like the requestor name, ticket URLs, and agent signatures.

  3. You can toggle ON/OFF the green button next to any email notification to enable or disable them.

How to enable or disable email notifications in Freshdesk.