You can have your customers jump to specific sections in your solution article by adding anchor tags. This can help with quicker user navigation within your articles. 

Steps to add an anchor tag:

  • Open any article from your Knowledge Base.
  • Click on 'Edit' and then click on the 'Code view' option of the article.
  • Navigate to the section your anchor should jump to, when clicked. Add an ID in the element for that section, as shown (example: id="anchor" 

<p id="anchor">Section 2</p>

  • Now, navigate to the first section that your customers would click on, to jump to the section below, select the required phrase (say, 'Jump to Section 2'). 
  • Click on the 'Insert link' button for the selected phrase, and in the URL field, enter the # symbol followed by the ID label. Based on our example, it will be #anchor:

  • Once you're done, hit Publish.