Customer satisfaction rating (CSAT rating) is one of the best ways to gauge how your customers feel about your service and support. It refers to the percentage of customers that picked a positive answer to the survey question sent at the conclusion of an agent-customer interaction.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey Reports lets you measure the helpdesk efficiency and customer satisfaction with every support ticket. You can analyze your agents’ relative performance; which can, in turn, help you assess your service, and provide better guidelines to train and support agents in the future based on past results.

The in-depth insights you can get from these reports are : 

1. How does the number of agent responses affect the satisfaction rating?
*For example, it's likely that if there are more than 5 interactions in the ticket, the chances of getting a dissatisfied rating are higher. 
*The graph below depicts that the maximum number of positive surveys have been received for tickets in which the interaction varies between 2-4. So based on these reports, you can set up a threshold for the number of responses within which the tickets have to be resolved. 

2. If a ticket gets reopened multiple times, does it mean the customer is likely to be dissatisfied?
*The more times the tickets are reopened after the survey is sent, the more chances that the agents have not resolved the queries completely and given all the information. 

3. The direct impact the First Response time and Resolution time has over satisfaction ratings
* The graph below depicts that the faster the response and resolution times are, the satisfaction of the customers is higher since they are not kept on wait for a long time. 
*You can also concur that if the SLA response and resolution times are violated, the customers are likely to be dissatisfied as you are breaching the SLA promises given
* You can use this data to analyze and set up standard SLA policies

4. Which group and agents have been getting the most ratings and which ones require attention?
*You can drill down and focus on a particular group of agents who have been getting negative feedbacks to train and upskill them 
*You can also pick and recognize the agents who have been performing extraordinarily and benchmark their scores

Click on Analytics->Curated reports->Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

The 'Overall support experience' and 'Results by choices' widgets group the responses into 3 buckets - positive, neutral, and negative. For instance, if you have set up a 7-point scale survey, the responses get split as 3 (positive with gradients)-1 (neutral)-3 (negative with gradients); for a 5-point scale, it'll be 2-1-2 and so on. 

Use the 'Show Tabular data' accordion to drill down to the tickets to view the comments received as part of the CSAT rating.