The widgets are the entities you can configure based on any available metrics. They are available in the widget library on the right pane and categorized as:

  • Tickets,

  • Timesheets, 

  • Surveys, 

  • Survey Results, 

  • Articles, 

  • Triage

  • Answerbot Questions

  • Answerbot Recommendations

  • Canned Response Suggestor

  • Average Handling Time

Here’s how you can set up a widget,

  1. Log in to your support portal.

  2. Click the Reporting icon and choose Analytics.

  3. Click on New Report near the search bar. Give it a title, set the required visibility, and click on Create.

  4. You will be able to view the widget library on the right panel. If you cannot see the panel, click on icon to display the widget library.

  5. Once you drag and drop a widget, click on the widget to go inside the configuration page.

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