Inside every report, you have the Export icon below the search bar. You can click this icon to export the report as a PDF but not as a CSV. However, you will be able to export both the Graph data as well as the Tabular data present in the widgets in the form of a CSV.

Steps below to export the complete report

  1. Go to Analytics.
  2. Select a report you would like to export and click on it.
  3. Inside the report, navigate to the export icon and select Export report from the dropdown.
  4. Here you can select the pages in the report you want to export and click Export.

The report will now be sent as a PDF file to your registered email address.

Steps below to export the widget level report

  1. Go to Analytics
  2. Open the report
  3. Expand the desired widget
  4. Click the options for the widget represented as three horizontal dots.
  5. Select Export to email/Download according to you

Below are the items you need to consider when exporting reports.

  1. Make sure the date range of the export is correct and valid across Widget level/Page level/Report level filters. If the date filter is set different in the Page level/Report level filters, than the one in Widget level, the exported data may not have the expected results.
  2. Make sure you are selecting Graph data for the trend numbers you see in a widget and the Underlying data for the complete data set of the widget. You can select up to 20 fields as columns for the export from the underlying data by editing the report, and adding fields using the 'Gear' icon as shown below.

Based on the volume of data, it may take several minutes to export and send the data to your mailbox. 

Note: If the date range is correctly set and you still do not receive the export for the specified date range, try this troubleshooting step: edit the report, remove the date range filter, save the report, then edit it again and reapply the desired date range. Finally, save the report and proceed with the export. If you still face issues, reach out to our support.

You can view the following video to understand how to export reports from Analytics.

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