When a Freshdesk page takes time to load, or you experience a timeout before performing certain tasks, try logging in to the account via an Incognito Window.

If the issue persists, we will need the HAR file to troubleshoot effectively.

HAR, short for HTTP Archive format, tracks all the logging of a web browser’s interaction with a site.

Here’s how you can easily generate a HAR file using different browsers.

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Safari

NoteA HAR file includes data such as the content of your cookies and the pages you downloaded while making the recording. Anyone with access to the HAR file can view the data submitted while recording, which may include personal data or other sensitive data. Make sure that you secure your HAR files accordingly. Cloudflare has released a HAR sanitizer that can be used to strip any sensitive information. 

To generate the HAR file for Chrome:

  1. Open Google Chrome and go to the page where you are experiencing trouble.

  2. From the Chrome menu bar (mceclip0.png) select More Tools > Developer Tools.

  3. Select Network.

  4. Make sure that the Record button ( Record button ) on the upper left corner of the tab is red. If it is grey, click on it to start recording.

  5. Check the Preserve log box.

  6. Click the Clear button ( Clear button ) to clear any existing logs from the Network tab.

  7. Reproduce the issue that you were experiencing before.

  8. Once you have reproduced the issue, right-click anywhere on the grid of network requests, select Save as HAR with Content, and save the file on your computer.

  9. Send the HAR file to us at support@freshdesk.com.

To generate the HAR file for Firefox:

  1. Open Firefox and go to the page where you are experiencing trouble.

  2. Select the Firefox menu (three horizontal parallel lines) at the top-right of your browser window, then select Web Developer > Network.

  3. The Developer Network Tools opens as a docked panel at the side or bottom of Firefox. Click the Network tab.

  4. The recording autostarts when you start performing actions in the browser.

  5. Once you have reproduced the issue and you see that all of the actions have been generated in the Developer Network Panel (should just take a few seconds), right-click anywhere under the File column, and click on Save all as Har.

  6. Save the HAR file on your computer.

  7. Write to us at support@freshdesk.com along with the HAR file.

    To generate the HAR file for Safari:

    Before generating the HAR file, make sure you can see the Develop menu in Safari. If it is not there, follow the instructions under Use the developer tools in the Develop menu in Safari on Mac.

    1. Open the Develop menu and select Show Web Inspector.

    2. Click the Network tab and complete the activity that is causing issues.

    3. Click the Export icon on the far right of the network tab and save the HAR file.

    4. Write to us at support@freshdesk.com along with the HAR file.