Freshworks Neo Platform is a flexible, end-to-end, AI-powered enterprise platform that offers a set of services that are leveraged by all the applications in the Freshworks portfolio. It is a centralized console offering customizable security and administration solutions across Freshworks products. Admins can leverage different authentication and authorization solutions, various security controls to customize, and simplified agent and account management.

When you first sign up for a Freshworks product, an Organization is created. You can access the Neo Admin Center using the Organization URL or Freshworks URL that looks something like this: It binds every customer accounts across the Freshworks portfolio together. As an organization admin, you can easily access all the accounts, security settings, and agents under a single glass pane.

When you sign up for a 
standalone Freshdesk account, you will be provided with a Freshdesk URL
 address or subdomain that your admins and agents will use to log in to your Freshdesk account. Your customers will also use it to access your self-service portal. E.g.,