MercadoLibre acts as a bridge for commerce between individuals and businesses, allowing buyers to inquire about products and enabling post-transaction communication. Buyers can raise claims in case of disputes, with MercadoLibre stepping in as a mediator when necessary. 

This integration streamlines seller operations by automatically creating Freshdesk tickets for buyer inquiries, sales, and claims. The chat now utilizes the Freshdesk public notes system, enhancing the user experience. 


How to install MercadoLibre

Follow the following steps for integration:

1) Initiating the integration process requires you to input your Freshdesk account's domain and API key. Be sure to use an API key belonging to a user with administrative privileges to the account. Once entered, click 'Validate' to advance to the next stage:

2) In the subsequent screen, you will see a list of MercadoLibre accounts that have already been linked to your Freshdesk account: 

To add a new account, click on 'Add Account'. This action will open a new page in your browser to start the authentication process: 

3) Here, you'll find a list of countries where MercadoLibre operates - select the country that corresponds to the seller's account:

You will then be redirected to MercadoLibre's authentication page to authorize the application's access. 

Attention: Be aware that if you are working with more than one MercadoLibre account, you will first need to log out manually from the other account in order to log in and authorize a new one.


A success message will greet you upon successful authentication:

4) Return to the Freshdesk application and click on Refresh Accounts. The recently linked account will appear in the list:

Moreover, the integration allows you to customize the ticket fields for each event type. To do so, click on 'Ticket Fields':

Moreover, the integration allows you to customize the ticket fields for each event type. To do so, click on 'Ticket Fields':

By default, the 'Tag' field comes pre-populated with a few tags: 

● For 'Questions': Pre-sale_meli, MercadoLibre, <USER_NICKNAME> ● For 'Sales': MercadoLibre, <USER_NICKNAME> 

● For 'Claims': Claim_Meli, MercadoLibre, <USER_NICKNAME> 

Once all settings have been configured to your satisfaction, bring the process to a close by clicking on 'Install'."

How to delete an instance

If you ever need to disconnect an account, 'Delete' is your go-to option. To customize which events should create tickets in Freshdesk, click on 'Edit'. You have the flexibility to enable 'Questions', 'Sales', and 'Claims. For 'Sales' events, there's an additional option to generate a ticket only if initiated by the buyer:

How to ask a question to a seller

To ask a question to the seller while logged in as buyer, simply access the product's page, scroll down to the 'Ask a Question' section, type your inquiry, and hit the 'Ask' button. This action will create a new ticket in Freshdesk.