As more and more users embrace the power of Freshdesk Analytics, it is time for us to transition away from the legacy Reports module. You must have received an email informing you that the Legacy Reports module will be deprecated on your Freshdesk account by the 15th of October, 2023

With the all-new Freshdesk Analytics, you will spend less time building reports and more time deriving insights and operationalizing the results. With the all-new Analytics capabilities, you can:

  • Monitor helpdesk productivity
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Optimize agent workload
  • Improve service efficiency
  • Resolve tickets faster

Here’s how Analytics is better than Legacy Reports with respect to configurations, self-serviceability, data coverage, and sharing capabilities.  

Parameter of differentiation
Legacy ReportsAnalytics Feature additions with Analytics 


Predefined reports: A defined set of reports, on top of which you can filter and view filtered data and park reports.

Curated reports: Ability to create custom reports by either duplicating curated reports or starting from scratch.

Create new widgets

Create new reports

Widget colors

Data Coverage

Default reports with only filter capabilities: Tickets, timesheet, and CSAT.

Can create custom reports that can contain metrics from across modules  

Create custom metrics/reports from 








Canned responses

Custom Reporting
Can only apply filters on the existing reports

Ability to create curated reports and park custom reports by cloning curated reports or creating them from scratch

Custom Attributes

Custom Metrics

Custom Reports

Chart typesCharts are pre-defined

Create custom reports and visualize the data in the required format

Custom reports
Data visualization using heatmaps, bar charts, and more.
StylingNo data styling

Conditional formatting and more control over the look and feel of the widget and data displayed.

Data-styling on




Widget header

Exports / Downloads
Share via CSV

Invite users to collaborate to manage, view, edit, and slice and dice reports on the go, eliminating the need for CSV exports.

Analytics collaboration with user privileges

Schedule a report

Schedule predefined or saved reports.

Schedule widgets from custom or curated reports as a PDF or CSV.

Schedule at the Widget level


Filtering on the report level with a defined set of filters.

Apply filters to pages, widgets, and reports based on custom date ranges, ticket properties, knowledge base article properties, and tags.

Page Filters

Widget Filters

Report Filters

Schedule settings

Can see the schedule in every report with the same calendar icon that turns green to show it is scheduled.

Consolidated view of scheduled reports Analytics > Settings > ScheduleAll your Scheduled reports are in one place

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