Transitioning from the Legacy Reports module to our new analytics platform is simpler than you imagine. Here's a streamlined guide to find and create your existing reports on the all-new Analytics and ensure a smooth transition. 

To access the below reports, please head over to the Analytics module from the left pane.  

Accessing Legacy reports on Analytics

Report name on Legacy ReportsHow to access them on Analytics 
Helpdesk In Depth
Divided into two reports - Helpdesk Ticket Volume (Created, Resolved, Reopened, and Unresolved) and Helpdesk Performance

Ticket volume Trends

Ticket Volume Trends Curated Report in Analytics - has complete parity. (Know more)

Agent Performance

Agent performance Report in Analytics has parity. ( Know more)

Group Performance

Group performance Report in Legacy has parity. (Know more)

Performance Distribution

Performance Distribution Report in Analytics (Know more)

Timesheet Summary

Timesheet summary report in Analytics. (Know more) 

Ticket Lifecycle

Ticket Lifecycle Reports in Analytics (Know more)

Top Customer Analysis

Top Customer Analysis Report in Analytics (Know more)

Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction Survey Report in Analytics. (Know more)

Omnichannel Default Dashboard - Ticket Performance Widget 

The widget will now be driven by Analytics, but it won't support Dashboard-level page filters.
Schedule on Report Level

In Analytics, we have schedules both at the report and widget levels. Unfortunately, we cannot maintain the existing schedules for legacy reports. Customers will need to transfer these manually. Please refer to Point D for further details.

Email PDF

In Analytics, you have the option to either email the report as a PDF or download it directly. Additionally, at the Widget level, we offer the following options: download the graph data as a CSV, download the tabular data as a CSV, and download the graph as a PDF.

Save as and SaveIn Analytics, you can duplicate a report and subsequently save an edited version. However, any modifications or saved versions in the legacy reports won't be preserved. You need to recreate those versions in Analytics as necessary.
Last Updated TimestampComing soon 

How to read this report

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Schedule an Export: 

You can access Schedule Exports of Legacy Reports from Admin → Account Schedule Exports. All existing Export schedules you might have set up in Legacy Reports can be accessed here, and the API endpoints will be valid. The Scheduled Ticket Exports will include both Ticket Activities and Ticket properties.

You can also access Analytics Exports from Analytics from the Analytics Home page settings icon on the top corner. Learn more.

CSAT Responses: 

You can still access all your CSAT responses in Analytics. Head over to Analytics → Satisfaction Survey Results curated report. 

In the first widget, we display the collected CSAT responses and their categorizations. At the bottom, there's a "View Responses" CTA that directs you to the Satisfaction Survey. 

Similarly, you can access the CSAT survey responses by clicking on the 'View details' widget from the dashboard, which will take you directly to the Satisfaction Survey.

Schedule on Reports: 

Upon upgrading to the new Analytics, please be aware that you will need to re-establish your scheduled reports. With the all-new Analytics, 

  • Schedule both at the report and widget level.
  • For Curated Reports, it's advised to create a copy and then establish a schedule for it.

For additional assistance, please contact