The Amazon Redshift app for Freshdesk provides agents and admins data from your Amazon Redshift data Warehouse.

This integration is powered by the Amazon Redshift app, which allows you to enrich contact details from Amazon Redshift.


Ensure that you have admin permissions in Freshdesk.

This article includes:

  1. Installation
  2. Configuring data sync
  3. Pricing


To install the Amazon Redshift app on Freshdesk:

  1. Log in to Freshdesk, go to Admin > Apps, and search for the Amazon Redshift app.
  2. Click Install and enter your Freshdesk account.
  3. Enter your Freshdesk domain name ( and API key.
    Note: To find your API key, click on your Profile icon on the top right corner and click Settings > View API, and Complete the captcha verification to retrieve the key.
  4. Click Install
  5. Once the installation is complete, you can view the app icon (full-page app) on the left navigation pane. If you have more than one installed app in your account, the apps will be grouped.

Configuring data sync

To synchronize data between Amazon Redshift and Freshdesk, go to the 'Data sync' tab in the full-page app. 

  1. On your Freshdesk account, click on the Amazon Redshift app icon from the left navigation pane.
  2. Go to the Data sync tab and click Configure sync.
  3. Authenticate the Amazon Redshift account you want to synchronize the data with Freshdesk.
  4. To connect to your Amazon Redshift account, log in with your Google account and allow read/write access to Amazon Redshift.
  5. You will find a tab for recipes. Recipes are workflows that define the flow and direction of data. Choose the direction of data flow based on your requirements:
    • Amazon Redshift to Freshdesk: One-way data flow from Amazon Redshift to Freshdesk
    • Freshdesk to Amazon Redshift: One-way data flow from Freshdesk to Amazon Redshift
  6. Once you choose the direction, relevant recipes will appear. You can currently sync Contact and Account information between Amazon Redshift and Freshdesk.
  7. Choose the fields you want to sync.

Configuration between Amazon Redshift and Freshdesk

Contacts sync:

On your Amazon Redshift account, create a field called ‘Contact ID’ under the Contact table.

  1. In the Recipe data screen, on the right pane, choose the table and the corresponding column from which the recipe should fetch the data.
  2. In the left pane, configure the Actions for the Trigger.
    Under Actions, map the contact fields (2) as the search parameter and set the action as "Search Contacts in Freshdesk".
  3. Configure the "If condition" and the corresponding yes and no statements. Here, the If condition is " If Contact ID is present. Map the contact field for all the statements.
    • If condition (3): Map the Contact ID from the previous step as the condition.
    • Yes statement (4):  If Contact ID is present, Create Contact in Freshdesk
    • No statement (6): If Contact ID is not present, Update contact in Freshdesk
  4. Save and run the recipe.

Note: Follow the same steps to sync company fields.


The Connector app is a paid add-on priced at $80 per 5000 tasks and aligns with your billing cycle. For example, for a monthly billing cycle, tasks expire monthly or annually for an annual plan. 

To purchase the add-on:

  1. On your Freshdesk account, go to Admin > Plans and Billing.
  2. Select the number of Connector App Task Packs you wish to purchase.
    Please note that you can purchase the add-on only when you have an active subscription with Freshdesk.

How are tasks calculated?

Every action block in the recipe constitutes a task. The following table shows the task consumption based on the entity and direction of sync:

Sync DirectionEntity Number of Tasks
Amazon Redshift to Freshdesk

New/Updated Contact