Freshdesk can be easily navigated using keyboard shortcuts. Use these shortcuts to perform repetitive tasks quickly and manage ticket properties on the fly.

For example, you can move between tickets, assign a ticket to yourself, or delete tickets in your helpdesk by using key combinations inside Freshdesk. You can use these shortcuts with a Standard 101/102-Key or Natural PS/2 Keyboard.



  • Enable keyboard shortcuts by clicking your Profile in the top right corner of your helpdesk and using the toggle for Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • To pull up the list of available shortcuts at any time, type ? on your keyboard.

Navigation shortcuts

These shortcuts help you navigate to any tab/page within your support portal. 

g and dGo to Dashboard tab
g and tGo to Tickets tab
g and eGo to Social tab
g and sGo to Solutions tab
g and fGo to Forums tab
g and cGo to Customers tab
g and rGo to Reports tab
g and aGo to Admin tab
g and nOpen New ticket form
g and mOpen Outbound email
/Place the cursor in the Search box
?View the list of keyboard shortcuts available

Ticket List View shortcuts

These shortcuts can be used when you are on the Tickets tab. Please note that the navigation between tickets will happen based on the position of the cursor in your tickets tab. The current position of the cursor is indicated as shown below.

Alt + Right
Go to the next page
Alt + Left
Go to the previous page
Move cursor to the previous ticket
Move cursor to the next ticket
xSelect the ticket
vJump to views
sExecute a scenario

Once a ticket has been selected on the Ticket Details page, you can use these shortcuts to perform actions like opening the ticket or assigning the ticket to yourself.

SpaceScroll down the ticket
EnterOpen the ticket
#Delete a ticket
~Close a ticket
Alt + ~Close ticket without sending email notification
!Mark the ticket as spam

Ticket Details shortcuts

Once you open a ticket, you can use these shortcuts to perform actions like replying to the ticket or changing its properties. 

jGo to the next ticket
kGo to the previous ticket
rReply to a ticket
fForward a ticket
nAdd a note to a ticket
Ctrl + EnterSend the content in the text editor
Alt + Ctrl + EnterOpens the 'Send' dropdown in the text editor for applying a Status change (Example: 'Send and Set as Pending')
wAdd yourself as a watcher to a ticket
mAdd time to a ticket
#Delete a ticket
~Close a ticket
!Mark a ticket as spam
]Expand the conversations in a ticket
}View the activities of the ticket