The 'Customers' tab in your helpdesk allows you to manage the details of contacts and companies that you keep in touch with. It gives you complete control over the data related to your clients. You can:


1. Create New Contacts or New Companies

2. Import CSV files to add and/or update contacts' details in bulk

3. Export contacts as a CSV file

4. Edit, delete and/or otherwise manage contacts

5. Perform quick search actions using the 'Search' bar on the contact and company list page to access the required contact/company

You will have numerous people interacting with your helpdesk over a period of time. To keep track of them, you can create them as contacts in your customer list. You can also create a new company and map the required contacts under this company.


Freshdesk automatically creates an entry for every new user who sends in an email, or submits a ticket to your helpdesk. If you receive a ticket from an existing contact, Freshdesk will associate that ticket with the corresponding user contact and display the details in the ticket page. You can also view all the previous tickets from a client/user by visiting their individual contacts page.



The 'Companies' feature allows you to group together users/contacts from the same organisation. This allows you to easily keep track of all correspondences with members from the same company, in one place. Based on the registered domain name, Freshdesk will automatically associate all incoming tickets from users with the relevant domain, to the appropriate company and the entire list can be viewed in that company's page.