When managing a large team or having multiple agents contribute to your Knowledge Base (KBase), effective collaboration features are crucial.  offers several tools to streamline this process. Here's a guide to help you understand and utilize these features efficiently.

1. Drafts: Keeping Your Content Ready

Scenario: You are creating or editing an article and want to proactively manage your content.

Solution:  allows you to manage offline versions of your KBase articles using Drafts. For example, if your team is preparing for a feature release, you can write and save all the content ahead of time. Once the feature goes live, you can replace the draft version by publishing it.

When you click on the Hamburger menu:

2. You are editing a published article that you would like your team to review

Sometimes, you might want to make edits to the published version of an article that you would like your team to review. In this case, you can save a draft of the published article you edited and publish it over the existing published version once your team approves of the new changes suggested by you. Any changes you make while you edit an article will be autosaved.

Note: The changes you make in Article Properties will not be autosaved or available under Drafts.

Any files you choose to attach in the articles will not be auto-saved. However, an alert will be triggered when the agent tries to navigate to other pages without clicking Save after adding/deleting an attachment.

3. You/other agents are trying to edit the same article: 

If another agent is editing the article, you will see an Agent Collision Alert.

Click on "Preview Draft" to view the last-saved version of the article.

Collaboration features make it easy for teams to work together efficiently on setting up and managing a Knowledge Base. By using Drafts, managing edits, and preventing conflicts, you can ensure that your KBase is always up-to-date and accurate.