The Freshcaller integration lets you handle calls, follow-up with issues, and monitor call performance right from Freshdesk. 

In this article, we'll look at the Freshcaller admin settings on Freshdesk. For details on what gets synced between the two, refer to this article.

On the Freshdesk Omnichannel plans, you can navigate to setting up call workflows right from Freshdesk. Every Freshdesk is agent gets access to Freshcaller by default.

If you're not on Omnichannel Estate or Omnichannel Forest, your admin page will only let you associate agents to Freshcaller. 

Map numbers to the right contact

Toggle this option to ensure that a phone number, with or without the country code, is mapped to the same contact. As an example, imagine you've saved the number 8081 698 824 as Anne. When you get a phone call from her, identified as +44 8081 698 824, the phone call will be associated with Anne's contact. If you've disabled the toggle, the phone number with the country code will be associated with a different contact. 

Get to know more about the functionalities that get synced between the integrated accounts, to make the most out of this integration.