NOTE: If you are an Omnichannel customer and using Omnichannel Groups & Business hours, you can only add a threshold limit on tickets and calls. However, you can use IntelliAssign in Freshchat to configure chats assignment.

Freshdesk offers different types of ticket assignment methods (round-robin, load-balanced, skill-based) that allow you to effectively manage ticket workflows by automatically routing tickets to different groups. For example, you can choose load-balanced ticket assignments for a group and define the number of tickets an agent can handle at any given time. 

With Omniroute™, you can configure additional settings for load-balanced and skill-based ticket assignments to balance the workload across multiple channels in one place. This is useful when you want to support customers across multiple channels like Freshdesk, Freshchat, and Freshcaller, and effectively manage the workload in each platform.

The Omniroute settings allow you to:

  • Assign load simultaneously for tickets and chats and enable phone calls
  • Choose assignment preference for tickets

This article gives you details about:

  1. Setting up Omniroute™
  2. Monitoring agent availability

Setting up Omniroute™

  1. Log in as an admin

  2. Go to Admin > Workflows > Omniroute™

  3. /p>

  •  Channels: Integrate your Freshchat and Freshcaller accounts on this tab.

  • Assignment Load: Assign the ticket and chat load, and enable phone calls. 

  • Assignment Preference: Select the preference for ticket assignments. Check out the steps below for more details.

Setting up assignment load

With this tab, you can choose to set the ticket and chat load and enable phone calls at a global level or at an agent level.

  1. Default open conversation limit: Enter the maximum number of tickets and chats each agent in your account can handle at a given time. Also, toggle the phone calls option to allow agents to receive calls.

    In the above example, every agent in your account will have 10 tickets and 5 chats assigned at a given time and can receive calls.
    Note: This is a global setting and will be applied to all agents in your account.
  2. Agent-level open conversation limit: Enable this option to set the ticket and chat load at an agent level. Once enabled, you will see the list of all agents in your account. You can filter and view them by groups or search for a specific agent.

    To enter the limit at an agent level:
    • Click on the edit icon next to the agent name and enter the maximum number of tickets and chats that can be assigned to the agent at a given time.
    • Toggle the Phone calls option to allow the agent to attend phone calls.
    • Finally, click on the green check mark to save the changes.

Note: If you are an Omnichannel customer using Omnichannel Groups & Business hours, you can only add a threshold limit on tickets and calls. However, you can use IntelliAssign in Freshchat to configure chat assignments. In this case, here’s how your Omniroute page will look:

Configuring assignment preference

The Assignment preference tab determines the order in which tickets are assigned.

  1. Ticket creation time:
    Choose this option to assign tickets based on their created time. This way, agents can respond/resolve older tickets first.

    Example: Let’s assume there are 3 tickets (A, B, and C) in a queue, with ticket A created at 10:00 AM, B at 10:30 AM, and C at 11:00 AM. Based on the condition, Ticket A will be assigned first, B second, and C third.

  2. Response due by time:
    Choose this option to assign the tickets that are closest to violating the response SLA. This condition will consider the ticket’s first or next response SLA and assign them first.

    For a new unassigned ticket, the first response due by time will be considered for ticket assignment, whereas for a ticket with a recent response from the customer, the next response due by time will be considered.

    Let's say we have two tickets with the following created time and SLA times.


    Created TimeAssignment statusResponse SLA
    Ticket A9:00 AMUnassigned4 hours
    Ticket B10:00 AMUnassigned1 hour

    Whenever an agent is available and has the capacity to handle more tickets, ticket B will be given higher priority over A and will be assigned to the agent as it is closer to violating the SLA.

  3. Resolution due by time:

    Choose this option to assign tickets closest to breaching the resolution SLAs. This condition identifies tickets closest to violating the resolution SLAs and will assign them first. It gives agents enough time to respond or resolve tickets before they breach the resolution due by time.

Note: While computing the current load of an agent, only tickets with SLA ON status will be considered.

Monitoring agent availability

The automatic ticket assignment works only when your agents are available to attend tickets. So an agent's availability is an important factor for automatic ticket assignment.

As a supervisor or admin, you can easily monitor an agent's availability across all channels on the Agent Availability dashboard and quickly enable or disable their availability directly from the dashboard.

To view the agent availability dashboard, click on the Live Dashboard icon from the left panel. Click on "View details" in the "available agents" widget. 

The agent availability dashboard view varies based on the availability of Omniroute feature on your account. 

Standalone Freshdesk without Omniroute: You will see your agent's availability with the timestamp of when the agent was last available.

 Freshdesk with Omniroute:  The timestamp is not available

Omnichannel accounts, will have the following view:

    For more details on the Omnichannel agent availability dashboard, check out this article